On the occasion of - book festival with authors, on September 15th 2016 in Pordenone the book "From Magredi to Noncello" was presented.

A photographic workshop presented by Stefano Tubaro and Sergio Vaccher offered a new experience to 24 photographers whose works were showed aside the professional ones.
Stefano Fabian, responsible for Life Magredi Grassland Project communication, described the environmental peculiarities of Magredi.



On June 24th 2016 in Maniago the meeting "Magredi, the latest grasslands... to discover by bike" was held. An alternative way to discover the beauty of Magredi was illustrated to about a dozen people.

On May 15th 2016 in Budoia, on the occasion of the second edition of "Meadows and hays day" the first workshop dedicated to indemnities and subsidies planned by the Rural Develpoment Plan to support the management and the conservation of stable meadows was held.
Initiative was attended by about 30 people.

On April 29th 2016 at Parareit in Cordenons, on the occasion of the first edition of "Between grasslands and resourgences" initiative organised in cooperation with Cordenons Turist Office,  the Progetto Life was illustrated.
About 50 people attended the event and the projection of "Life magredi Grasslands" documentary.

On April 4th 2016 at "Istituto di Costruzioni, Ambiente e Territorio S. Pertini" in Pordenone, a presentation of the Life Magredi Grassland Project was held. The importance of habitat conservation and the procedures required for evaluating the effect of Plans and Project carried out inside or around the Natura 2000 Network sites have been explained to about 40 students,
Educational materials useful to improve the mentioned topics have been distributed.



As part of the UNESCO "Week of education to sustainable development 2015"(November 23rd-29th) organized by LArea (Regional Laboratory for Environmental Education) a wide-ranging and visibility to PROJECT LIFE MAGREDI Grasslands has been given through three initiatives that explained the importance of meadows and grasslands as a place where complexity is manifested among INVISIBLE AND VISIBLE: an environment wrongly considered for years as a barren rocky stretch that today is increasingly understood as a place rich in contents and biodiversity.


On November 29th 2015, in Spilimbergo , on the occasion of the 8th Hays Contest Show, a Laboratory of Sensory Evaluation of Hays was activated all the day to allow visitors learning the rudiments of the hays' evaluation technique.
The exhibition complemented the activities already scheduled for the Life Magredi Grasslands Project promoted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.


On November 28th 2015, in Spilimbergo, a presentation of the Life Magredi Grasslands Project with the screening of the documentary and distribution of publications and other information materials was held. It has been showed as the Region started substantial restorations work also within the Natura 2000 site SCI - Tagliamento River Bed and began an important collaboration with the "Il Tagliamento" High School setting up a recovery demonstration of a stable grassland rich in biodiversity sowing bloomings and reintroducing native plants typical of these places.


On November 27th 2015 In Chiopris Viscone the presentation of the Life Magredi Grasslands Project with screening of the documentary and distribution of publications and other information materials was held. It has been highlighted as the Region started important remedial measures even within the Natura 2000 site SCI - Confluence of Torre and Natisone Rivers.



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